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FanUnite is the only music-focused social network that brings music lovers and artists together with the intention of promoting your music videos. We use the power of social media to show the world your talent.

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FanUnite is a music video sharing site for musicians and music lovers. The site is dedicated to helping promote musicians, bands, DJs and dancers that have not yet made it to the big time. FanUnite is different from other video-sharing sites because it is designed specifically for the music industry. Whether you are a music fan, artist, or promoter, you will find that FanUnite is the best social networking site for music-based interaction. Instead of getting distracted by videos of laughing babies or skateboarding dogs, we ensure that music videos remain the focus of this site.

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Playlists and Albums

We understand that getting your favorite video to go viral is not as easy as you would like. While we cannot promise that your video will become instantaneously popular, we can sure try. FanUnite has created a new way for artists to promote their videos and get their name out. Where Playlists are a collection of music videos by any artists, Albums are a little different. Albums are a collection of videos and photos that center around a certain theme, whether a gig, or album or event. You can create, watch, comment, and share both Playlists and Albums in order to introduce the world to new music.



On FanUnite, you can do more than just watch music videos. Visit our Competitions tab to rate and compare videos uploaded on FanUnite. Here, artists submit their music videos, and users vote on their favorites. You can even share Competitions to encourage your friends, fans, and connections to vote for your preferred videos. The winner of each competition wins a prize, and maybe even a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet directly with a music label!



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